May 23, 2016

Updating our Deck

It was a big project but we completed our deck renovation this spring. 

We have a second level deck off the back of our house as well as a lower deck that covers a county drain. Both were in horrible condition...the top deck swayed when you walked on was scary. This spring we finally had them resurfaced. Our contractor was able to tighten the underneath boards and just replace the top surface boards and top of the handrails. It is so much better and safer!

Here are the before pictures....

And now the afters...

One of my favorite features of our new deck space is the lighting. Michael figured out to how use these poles from Home Depot to string lights around the space. They are also removable if we ever decide we want to take them down.

Source List:
Table & Dining Chairs: Target
Throw Pillows: TJMaxx
Side Chairs: Target
Planters holding Ferns: Walmart
Table Planter: TJMaxx 
Umbrella: At Home
Oil Cloth For Chair Bottoms:
Lights: Hometown Evolution

It has basically been raining in Richmond all month long so it was hard to get the best pictures! We have managed to eat dinner out there a few nights and hosted a nieghborhood party on Saturday night and thankfully the rain ended and people could be outside. I think we are going to really use the space this summer and fall!


  1. That looks incredible! Our deck was in rough shape when we bought our house so we power washed it, fixed some broken boards, and coated it with a solid stain so it looks a lot better now, but we haven't come up with a good lighting solution. I LOVE yours! Such a cute idea!

  2. This looks impressive! I’m mesmerized by those string lights, since it really gives your new space a cozy and intimate feel. Your new dining chairs and tables are fabulous as well! It’s great to know that you’re enjoying your new deck. I can already imagine all the dinner parties you’ll probably be hosting in this incredible space!

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