September 19, 2016

September Meal Plan - Week 3

Happy Monday! It is a rainy one here in RVA...good for everyone who has already planted their grass seed! We are behind in that area! However, we have been staying right on track with our meal planning. I think it is going pretty well. There is much less stress on the nights we all eat together and I LOVE just making one meal! As with most things I try to improve Clyde's eating, they work beautifully on Camille and not as well on Clyde. I would not say he is eating more things now but  Rome wasn't built in a day and he is getting exposure to new foods and last night was using his fork to mash up his baked potato. He didn't taste it but I will take it!

On this particular night, I added in the side of pepperonis to the pizza grilled cheese and fries for Clyde. He didn't touch the grilled cheese, ate all the pepperonis and some of the fries. Do you see his side salad? I consulted a pediatric dietician once about his pickiness and she said to provide the smallest possible pieces for tasting. Those are actually probably a little big! Camille tried everything and asked that I put more sauce and less cheese on the grilled cheese for next time. I consider this a win!

Here are last night's plates! Clyde is meat-eater, Camille loves veggies! If only we could combine them.

As a reminder, here is our menu for the month! PS...I made the Chickfila nuggets and they were good. Michael, Camille & I all liked him. Of course, Camille does even like nuggets from Chickfila and she ate them. Clyde does like Chickfila nuggets and would not touch them. Sigh....

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