January 19, 2017

Simple $5 Valentine's Day Wreath

I saw this cute wreath on Pinterest and wanted to recreate it...

 Then I saw this cute painting on sale at Tuesday Morning that I thought would be perfect for Camille's room. If you have been reading my blog for a while, it is going to replace Betty. It is a little more mature for her room than Betty. (Side note...if you clicked the Betty link, look at my sweet girl who is going to be double digits this summer!)

But back to the wreath, since I bought the painting, I didn't to spead tons of money on the supplies for the XO wreath above. So in true saving money fashion (insert eye roll from Michael if he is reading this), I visited the Dollar Tree and for $5 I created this wreath instead. 

It was very simple and complete in less than 20 minutes. All you need is 3 hearts, a roll of ribbon (I bought three because I couldn't decide on a pattern in the store), wire (I used the red).
 Connect the hearts together with the red wire.
 Fold the ribbon back and forth to create several loops, hold together in the middle and attach wire.

 Then fan ribbon out to create a bow. I attached the wreath with wire to my door knocker.
 I think it turned out pretty cute for $5!
Click here to see another Dollar Tree Valentine's Day craft from years ago and look at my babies who are now so old!

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