January 15, 2019

Recent Favorite Recipes

My goodness! I haven't posted on this blog since May! It is hard to believe that I used to post at least once a week. I had my best year yet in Real Estate in 2018, I sold 23 homes which was double my goal for year! I am very grateful for all my friends, family and clients! I hope I can do it again this year! 

As a wife, mom and Realtor, blogging ended up falling last in place. As things are ramping up for 2019, I had some time and thought I would share some of our new favorite go-to recipes! Dinner is a such a pain isn't it? Half the time kids don't like it, the other half you are too tired to make it!

These were some hits for us in 2018!

Hibachi Chicken
We have made this quite a few times. Camille loves the chicken and is coming around to fried rice and veggies! Michael and I love too! Clyde won't touch but that's nothing new. 😔

Black Bean Soup
This was delicious! Love the addition of bacon! We serve with Chicken Quesadillas! 

Really yummy! I use chicken breasts instead of chicken thighs. 

Philly Cheesesteak
 We renovated our kitchen this year! 9.5 weeks in a mudroom "kitchen" without a stove. This is a recipe I discovered during the renovation and one that I will definitely make again. 

I found this recipe on the Trader Joe's website. It was easy and tasty. I used the carnitas but I think it would also be good with chicken or ground beef!

I found this in the Allrecipes Magazine. I served with Rice and Pinto Beans. 

Real Simple
This was great and easy to throw together. I left out the peas and used Chicken Sausage and Pesto from Trader Joe's. 

Barefoot Contessa
This is perfect for these cold, snowy days we have been having in RVA! 

Genius Kitchen
These were really tasty and made a lot. We froze half and reheated on another night! They were great even after freezing. 

Any new recipes that you loved this year!?  Send them my way...we are always up for something new!


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