March 25, 2010

Living Room Revamp

We bought our house almost 1 year ago. I was VERY pregnant with Clyde and my mom,in-laws, grandmothers, sisters, and aunts helped me get this place together for our soon to be new baby. Recently, I have started examining my living room and it doesn't look like a young person lives here....well maybe I am not so young anymore but it needs updating!

Here is a picture of the living room before we moved in. Note...we bought a real fixer-upper!

This is a picture of the living room right before Baby Clyde arrived. Cute baby rocker was part of the decor.

Here it is now. It doesn't look that different but I have included some more up close before and afters below.


After...Lamp from Home Goods, Vase/Decanter from Marshalls, Picture Frames relocated from another table. Please excuse the crooked lamp shade...need to fix that.


After...Lamp from Home Goods, Kate Spade vases that were a wedding gift pulled out from the closet, already had the tray from Target and flipped it over to put the vases on, frame relocated from another table, birds moved from the mantle. Would like to get some coffee table type books for under the vases.


After...Lamp from Marshalls, frame and silver dish relocated from another table. Also, looks like another crooked lamp shade I need to fix.

After...Moved this lamp from another table and added green and white dish pulled from my serving pieces on top of the gold tray. Moved white and gold bowl from the coffee table. Would like to get something kid friendly for the coffee table.


After...I wish I had taken a more close up picture of this ceramic stool/table that my grandmother purchased for me from Marshalls. I just love it and actually saw another one there yesterday. I would love to put two of them under the desk but I am not sure it is in the budget right now. Still in search of some new bright throw pillows for the chairs.

I am back in project mode. I am working on some artwork for my bedroom. Also, I am making an Easter basket for Clyde. Stay tuned.

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