May 10, 2010

Weekend recap

We had a great but busy weekend. Tons of people came to our yard sale and I made a little over $300 bucks. Yards sales are fun and my sisters and I were laughing that we put 8:00 am as the start time and at 7:30 am the yard was packed with buyers. In fact, the first person arrived at 6:15!

Yesterday morning, I slept in until 8:30 am. It felt like noon. And then enjoyed hot Krispy Kremes. Yum! Michael, Camille and Clyde got me a "guilt-free" day at the spa. So I can't wait to book those appointments.

We went to Williamsburg for the day with my mom and Michael's family. It was fun.

We aren't having anything for dinner this week worthy of blogging about. Tacos, Macaroni Beef Bake (carryover from last week), Homemade Pizza, Chicken Breasts with Cous Cous and Squash/Zucchini.

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