September 19, 2012

Are the stars aligned?

As mentioned in this post, I have two back to school year dinner as a family and implement a chore and good eater chart. We have had some success with family dinner and the reward chart. Woot! Woot!

Our Toys R Us is moving locations so they have most of the store for 30% off. I went and selected about six $5-10 toys (three that would interest Camille and three for Clyde). I wanted to get something a little more significant then a Dollar Tree find. I put the toys in a large basket and they are hidden in the attic. Camille got stars for cleaning her room, helping me empty the dishwasher, and setting the table. Clyde got stars for picking up his toys, staying in his room until his tot clock turns yellow at 7 am and pooping in the potty (woohoo!). Both got stars for being clean clubbers. After 15 stars, they got to pick something from the basket. It was a fun exercise and they seem excited about getting the next 15 stars.

We are on our second row of stars now, about five in...we have slowed a little in the frequency and Clyde seems to be coming around to potty training (finally after 5 short months) so he is not getting stars for those tasks. The charts and rules are evolving but hopefully we can keep it up.

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