November 21, 2013

Christmas before Thanksgiving?

It may be happening! I am thinking of decorating my tree this weekend. We have a bunch going on the weekend and week after Thanksgiving so I may go ahead and pull everything down from the attic this weekend.

Camille and Clyde are ready....

I was looking back at some old blog posts for inspiration. Here are some of my favorite settings from year's past.

I am not going to lie, we have already gotten Clyde's Nutcracker collection down from the attic and both kids have mini trees already decorated in their rooms! This is crazy, yes!


  1. Thanksgiving is my favorite. It also happens to be my bday this year. There's no skipping ahead in my house :)

    1. The 28th was my Dad's birthday! Such a special day. I can't understand not skipping. My mom's birthday is today so I am hosting dinner for her and doing some Thanksgiving styling for that. Then on to Christmas! ;)

  2. Love the mantle! I say, "Go for it!"