February 24, 2014

Peach Dish Review

Have you heard of Peach Dish? It is a meal delivery service that ships dinners that are "southern infused and seasonally inspired." The kind folks at Peach Dish sent me a week of complimentary meals to try. So last Thursday, two dinner meals showed up on my front door step. I plan out our meals weekly and definitely get into a rut, so it is nice to have Peach Dish as an option on those weeks when you are sick of making the same old thing!  

I definitely liked the packaging and all the ingredients were divided into three mesh bags. One for our first meal of Cornbread with Cilantro Butter and Sweet Potato & Chicken Quesadillas, one for our second meal of Bread & Honger Farm Mediterranean Garlic Olive Oil and Curried Lamb with Green Lentils & Maple Glazed Parsnips & Blood Orange with Pistachio. A third insulated bag held the chicken and ground lamb. 

On Thursday night, we made the Cornbread & Quesadillas meal. It was pretty tasty and the recipe was easy to follow. We did think it was a little carb heavy with cornbread and these huge tortillas. I also wish my sweet potato has been a little larger. I felt like once mashed it barely covered the tortillas. I would never have thought to put mashed sweet potato on a quesadilla....but I really liked the combination with the cheese and chicken. 

We had plans on Friday and Saturday night, so we didn't make the Lamb Lentil meal until Sunday. All of the ingredients were still fresh on Sunday with the exception of the parsnips. I am not very familiar with parsnips but they didn't seem to be as crisp as I would have thought. Also, we were given two parsnips and would have liked to have a couple more. I liked the lamb & lentil portion of the meal but Michael didn't seem as crazy about it. We both really liked the Blood Orange & Pistachio side and may try to recreate that in the future. What I really like about these meal delivery services is they take you out of your comfort zone in terms of trying new things. I would have never served lamb for dinner on a weeknight...this was actually only my second time having lamb. 

As an added bonus, Peach Dish sends a dessert to go with one of the meals and an appetizer to go with the other. For dessert, we received dark chocolate covered pomegranates. On first taste, I wasn't sure I liked them but then I found myself drawn to them. :) Our appetizer was bread with Hongar Farms Mediterranean Garlic Olive Oil. Michael and I both really loved this olive oil and we even have some leftover for another night. 

Overall, we were really happy with Peach Dish meals. They were tasty, took us out of our comfort zone and made meal time a little easier with step by step instructions. The meals were pretty simple to create. I don't love the meals arriving on Thursday and that is only delivery option right now. We eat out a lot on the weekends so weekday meals are better for our schedule. But that is just personal preference. 

Check out Peach Dish's menu for this week here. And you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Many thanks to Peach Dish for providing me with a week of complimentary meals. All opinions are my own. 



  1. Interesting! Btw, you can buy those chocolate pomegranate treats at Costco. My girls go crazy when they have them out for testers!

  2. This looks awesome!! Gonna go check it out now :) I would LOVE to review their food on my blog

    XO Samantha

  3. We're so happy you had a great Peach Dish experience. Our company compiles thousands of reviews of products into videos, and Peach Dish is one of our clients. If anyone is hesitant in subscribing, the following videos should help your decision - along with this fabulous review! P.S - there's also a coupon! :)