June 16, 2014

Weekend Recap & Menu Planner

Another weekend on the water....Camille graduated from Sailing Camp and we celebrated Moe's Birthday and Father's Day. So grateful for Michael who is a wonderful husband and father to Camille and Clyde! I also feel very lucky that C and C have such a hands-on and loving grandfather, Moe! Missing my dad this Father's Day and always.

Happy Birthday & Father's Day to Moe! New Bike! 


Camille's coaches and graduation from Opti Kids! 

This week is a busy one with two closings, swimming lessons for Clyde and the start of pre-team for Camille!

Monday - Southwest Sausage & Rice

Tuesday - Grilled Chicken Caesar

Wednesday - Chicken Piccata, Red Potatoes, Zucchini & Squash

Thursday - Chopped Mexican Salad


  1. Congratulations Camille!! I love that Southwest Sausage and Rice recipe too. I need to dig that one out too for a quick summer supper. Good luck with pre-team. Swim team has consumed our life and summer has just begun! xxoo

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