January 10, 2016

Weekend Recap & Menu Planner

I have had a very productive weekend! Last Friday, on a whim, Michael and I decided to update our downstairs half bath. One quick call to Anne Hunter, my interior designer sister, and I had a plan. Yesterday afternoon, I took down all the wall paper. It wasn't terrible however I couldn't imagine doing a huge space.

Here are a few before pictures...I am sure this wallpaper was a beauty in her day. 

So far, I have primed the walls and put two coats of primer on the vanity. A new faucet, light fixture, towel and TP bar are on order. Anne Hunter sent me a bunch of paint colors and I just selected one without buying a sample or swatch. Fingers crossed that works out okay! I will know shortly.

But for now...here is this week's menu planner...

Sunday....Turkey Burgers with Mashed Avocado, French Fries

Monday.....Chicken & Chorizo Stew, Corn Muffins

Tuesday....Skinny Chicken Enchiladas

Wednesday....Barber Chicken Breast (new flavor), Roasted Potatoes, Brocoli (I have a work appointment this night so I need something quick and easy. Kroger sells frozen red skin potatoes already cut that I get to simply dinner prep.)

Thursday....Great White Pizza (I used this pizza crust mix from Kroger over the break and liked it), Mixed Green Salad

Back to painting....I plan to do a full post on the changes once I get everything complete!  Happy Sunday!

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