February 22, 2017

How to online shop at Forever21.com

I have found some really cute things at Forever 21 but walking into that store is a little overwhelming. You need a black blous but they are located in about 20 different areas of the store. Their website has just as many options and can be hard to browse. Today I am sharing a few tricks for searching. I use words that are in recent clothing trends...first up I typed "Tassel" in the search bar. And look what I found...how cute!

Tasseled Off The Shoulder Dress

Blush Noir Tasseled Dress

Beaded Tassel Necklace

I am not sure how long this necklace is but Camille would love it!

Tassel Trim Scarf

Next up...I searched "Embroidered"

Embroidered Shift Dress
RD & Koko Embroidered Top
Next I entered "Open Shoulder"

Open Shoulder Top
Open-Shoulder Top
I found these items when I searched "Ruffle"...

Abstract Ruffle Top
Ruffle Sleeve Swing Dress

Ruffle One Shoulder
 I also put in Abstract, I noticed that term in a lot of their items. And I found this cute top and leggings!

Abstract Cap Sleeve
Active Abstract Leggings
I have found a bunch of cute bathing suit coverups at Forever 21! When I search "swim coverup" I ran across this cute Kaftan.

Abstract Print Coverup Kaftan


  1. I totally agree that shopping at Forever21 can be so overwhelming, the online shop is a much better experience. Also, cute items!

    1. I know! Online is a lot better! I also wish they had a better return policy.

  2. If you could message me with any hints & tips on how you made your blog look this cool, I would be appreciative!
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