March 30, 2017

Recent Thift Store Finds

I love a good thrift store! As my mom says "it's the thrill of the hunt!" Yesterday, my mom and I had an impromptu mother-daughter day and hit up Class & Trash Scott's Addition, Sheppard Street Antiques, the Clothes Rack and a couple Goodwill stores! We also had a yummy lunch at Weezie's Kitchen.

My favorite find from the day was this abstract painting from Class and Trash for $48. The colors are perfect for my family room. The lighting in this room is dark so the picture quality isn't great but I am so happy with purchase.


Also at Class and Trash, I found these two frames for $10 each. I am hoping to re-do our bedroom soon and may use them in there with the art to be determined. 

My mom generously purchased this bamboo shelf for me. It hasn't found it's home yet but I have a few ideas. 

I also found a pair of new Ann Taylor tan pumps at Goodwill Second Debut in Carytown for $12 and a pair of soccer cleats for Clyde from the Clothes Rack for $3. 

In recent weeks, I also picked up this cute set of 6 dinner plates for $3 and this soup tureen for $7.50. Both from Thrifty Sisters


I purchased these birds for $8 many years ago from The Love of Jesus Thrift and for some reason I never polished them. On a whim last week, I got out my Brasso and I can't believe how clean they came! I just saw a similar pair on a Instagram sale for $30. 


  1. I need you and your mom to go shopping for me!

  2. Wow you've found some awesome items!! I need to do more thrift store shopping! Lately I've just been scoping out Craig's List!

  3. You found some awesome items. I need to get into thrift shopping.