April 14, 2011

Stoakley Family Garden

I am so excited because we have decided to plant a garden! I wanted to do it last spring and summer but never got my act together. Here is what our very sunny garden bed looked like before.
Last fall, I dug up a bunch of lilies that never bloomed. I gave them to friends and family and transplanted some to other areas in my yard. I left all my iris which I love and am hoping will bloom again soon.

Here is what the garden looks like now.

We still have finish fencing and get cages for our tomato plants.

We planted 3 tomato plants, 1 cucumber, 1 squash, 1 bell pepper, basil, cilantro and jalapeno pepper.

We also planted a little garden for Camille and all she wanted in there was carrots but we also put a few flower seeds down as well. 

I hope it is a success. We have never done anything like this before.

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