October 3, 2011

Bridal Shower Centerpiece

I was inspired to make a "wedding cake" for a shower centerpiece for my cousin from an image found here. You will find more specific instructions if you follow the link but here are some pictures of mine in the making.

I used cereal and cracker boxes to make the mold.

Then covered with dishtowels. I glue gunned ribbon around the cake. I tried not to get the glue on the actual dishtowels and just the ribbon. Then I glued scrapbooking letters onto the ribbon. It was pretty easy and definitely took less than 1 hour.

I added flowers for the shower and did you notice that the orange whisk is missing?! Yes, we went without that for the shower and I just found it under the couch. Oh well...that is what happens when you live with a 2 and 4 year old.

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