October 4, 2011

Camille's Room Updated

This summer, we switched Camille & Clyde's room and at the time I focused a lot on Clyde's room because he was getting new furniture, bedding etc. Camille has a stuffed elephant named Mimi that is pretty much her life so she decided she wanted an elephant room. I searched fabric.com for elephants and ran across a few fabric options but ultimately went with this one. And you can see the panels that I made with my new sewing machine. They aren't perfect but aren't too bad for my first time. I decided to go with short panels so there would be more room on the floor for toys and baby doll cribs. It also saved me some money in fabric. I am happy with them.

I am so happy with her table skirt. I saw the image below on pinterest.com and decided it would be a perfect way to update Camille's bedside table. I will post more DIY pictures tomorrow so check back.

And there is Camille's artwork above her bed. My mom gave me the frame and it needed a little work. I will post tomorrow on the changes I made to the frame. I still plan on making a bedskirt. I bought the fabric below for it and I want to make her some pillows. Then I think we will be done with this room for a while.

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