October 5, 2011

Tutu Table

As promised, here are some more pictures and instuctions on creating the tutu table in Camille's room.

First as a reminder, here is my inspiration photo.

 Here is my table before....

I painted it with primer and then did one coat of Martha Living Metallic Paint from Home Depot.  I used vintage gold and some of the white of the primer came through which I liked.

I purchased the tulle for less than $2 a yard from Hobby Lobby. I got 6 yards but I probably did not need that much. My table was 57" around and 25.5" down. I ended up layering the tulle 4 times. I then used gathering tape (not sure if that is the exact name) from the drapery section at Hancock Fabrics. This was used to make the tulle gather. I pinned it to the top.

Then ran it through my sewing machine.

Then pulled the strings to gather. I then attached it to my table using a staple gun.

I then used my glue gun to attach the satin ribbon.

And voila!

I will be back tomorrow with more updates on the the frame for Camille's artwork as well as some spray paint updates to accessories!

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  1. This is so beautiful! I love a diy girl! :) You should check out my friend who is also local and has a really cute blog. She's a first time mom-to-be and blogs about various different things. www.tolsonlassiterwedding.blogspot.com