November 7, 2012

It only took a year....

I have had fabric to make Camille's bed skirt for her room since last November. So one year later, I am getting around to making the skirts. I gave you a sneak peak of the fabric here.

Here is a reminder of what her room looked like last September after we added curtains and some other things.

And here it is now. We moved the bed up against the wall so she would have more room to play.  I went ahead and made the three sides of the bed skirt because when we have guests I move the bed slightly out from the wall. Still tight little quarters in there but what are you going to do. Win the lottery and buy a bigger house???

I did the skirt on a tension rod because of her bed frame. There were metal strips holding up the box spring so you couldn't run anything along the inside of the wood frame. The tension rod has fallen down what seems like 100 times in the week we have had it up so hopefully this won't drive me crazy. I got these flimsy rods from Joann's because it was all they had. I may look for some sturdier ones. Suggestions welcome!

Now the rug is really standing out and doesn't seem to fit. But I feel like I should just let my children destroy the rugs and furniture we already have before investing in new. Some days it feels like it is their goal to destroy everything we have one item at a time.

I found some great fabric at U-Fab for $20 total (7 yards!!!!) for a bed skirt in our master. Hopefully, I will make it before next November.

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  1. Cute! Could you use fishing line and sew the tension rod somehow to the bed frame? Just a few stitches every 6inches or so? Or some kind of poster putty on either end of the tension rod to keep it from slipping? One last suggestion: wrap something around (whatever the tension rod is using for tension, bedframe?) under the tension rod so it can't slip down? It's pretty well hidden so I'm thinking make a "support shelf" of some sort. Wrap some cardboard in painters tape (you could then paint the painters tape to match the wood for more hiding). That sounds way more confusing that I was trying to get at. Good luck!