November 5, 2012

Our visit with Barney

Camille's class this year has a bear named Barney that travels home with the kids on the weekend. He comes with a suitcase, a bedtime story and a journal to record your activities with Barney. Last weekend, Barney came to our house. I am not sure he ever left Camille's side. She is such a little mommy and dressed him in outfits, made a bed for him and came up with stuff for him to do. It was really cute. I have posted our journal entry below. 

Camille & Barney

I was so excited to bring home Barney Bear for the weekend. My brother, Clyde and I love to ride our bikes. We wanted Barney to share in the fun and added him to my bike basket with my other friend, Mimi. Clyde decided to add his Build a Bear to his bike so Barney wouldn’t feel left out. 

Barney & Mimi are becoming fast friends.

I put Barney in the first of many outfits. This one was borrowed from Baby Alive.

Next, I introduced Barney to all of my other stuffed animals.

Now Barney is ready for bed. I got him a lovey so he wouldn’t be lonely. 
The next morning, we got Barney up and dressed. It was chilly that morning so we made sure he had a hat.  He went to breakfast with my family at Einsteins. He likes bagels.

Later that day, we took Barney to Cedarfield where both my great-grandmother’s live. Here he is with my grandmother, Gammy & one of my great-grandmothers, Gigi.

I took this picture of my mommy, Barney and my other great grandmother, Gaga.

Mommy didn’t feel like cooking, so we took Barney out to Buzz & Ned’s for dinner. I am not sure that he liked the BBQ. 
I had the best time with Barney this weekend. I am so happy he came for a visit.

The next pictures didn't make the journal but I thought they were too cute not to post. She was so serious about taking care of Barney. 

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