March 10, 2013

A couple of things & menu planner

After a week that included a snow storm, I am really ready to move on to spring. It was nice to have a snow day this week and honestly I wish we had gotten more but onward and upward to spring temperatures and getting outside to ride bikes, dig for worms and play in the sand.

Here are some deals for spring I scored for Camille & Clyde yesterday.

Crocs are a staple for my children and Clyde has worn his last pair bare almost. I love them because they can get wet and most importantly they can put them on by themselves! I have found Crocs at TJMaxx and Marshall for $14.99 but it is hit or miss with the sizes. Crocs is currently have their 25% off sale. So we picked up a pair for Clyde in tomato at his request!

I have been eyeing these sandals from Garnett Hill for Camille for a while now waiting for a sale. At $36, they are still a little pricey but certainly better than the regular price of $50 and if they last all summer then I am fine with that. We ordered pink sparkle of course!

Camille and I were looking for an activity this week, so we consulted Pinterest and found a link to spring in a jar.   It turned out so cute, we decided to make two more for my grandmothers. We had all the supplies on hand except for the flowers and the two open vases below which we picked up at the Dollar Tree.

We included our bunny pics from school to complete the gift.

Also, Friday was silly sock day at school! I thought Camille looked so cute!

And last but not goes with this week's menu planner.

Sunday - Steak Fajitas

Monday - Store bought ravioli and vodka sauce, Caesar salad

Tuesday - Turkey Burgers, Ranch French Fries

Wednesday - Chicken Rollatini

Thursday -Chicken Ranch Pizza (carryover from last week)

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