March 12, 2013

Etsy Abstract Art

We spend so much time in our family room and I am sorry to say the couches have been destroyed by our children. The rug is doing alright since it doesn't show dirt. I feel like artwork is the only thing safe from the destruction of Camille & Clyde! 

Our family room is open to our kitchen and the view from my "cooking spot" was this metal piece and I got really tired of looking at it.

It seemed dated and maybe would be better outside. So I started searching Etsy for abstract art. That is when I discovered TraceeBaugh Originals. I loved her pieces and they were so affordable. Tracee created a piece for me based on an inspiration photo found on Pinterest and I LOVE it! She was so wonderful to work with and I think it is a huge improvement in the space. I am considering having her make something larger for my dining room. I already had the frame from this yard sale purchase. 

A window treatment of some sort would be nice in here but I have 7 windows in the kitchen and family room space so I am having a hard time deciding should I do all of them the same? just the family room ones?

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  1. Thanks for your kind comment on my post :) I absolutely LOVE this new art!! I've been adding a lot of abstract art to my favorites on Etsy, too. As for the windows(I make them), It's hard to say because I cannot see all of your windows, but I would suggest possibly doing all of the same style treatment, but maybe using different fabrics for the family room vs. kitchen to differentiate the two spaces. Just a thought! Looks great, though!