July 31, 2013

Back to School: Clyde's Edition

I have started to think about Back to School clothes for Camille & Clyde. It is tax free weekend in Virginia starting Friday. Camille and I have big plans for a girl's day on Sunday to buy all her school supplies for kindergarten as well as pick up a few new clothing items for school. And it is my girl's birthday next Wednesday so we plan to shop for a few fun items as well. 


This is what I am eyeing for Clyde this fall. His favorite color is orange so we have already secured the sneakers. He asked if I thought they would help him climb walls. Now you can understand the Superman sweatshirt. And I love the Lands End polos...I think they hold up better than the Ralph Lauren ones. 


  1. Ohh I forgot tax free weekend is coming up! Perfect excuse for some shopping ;)

  2. Alyson, how do you make these cute pics with the links? My blogging knowledge is so limited...