August 2, 2013

Simple Home Projects: Using Your Children's Artwork

I purchased these prints from TJMaxx right after Michael and I got married so about 9 years ago. When I look at this picture, I think "Why oh why did I have them in my house for so long?"

My kids come home with tons of artwork from school and I save the pieces I am most attracted to in a drawer in our living room. We have a few of Camille's creations displayed already. See posts here and here. So in looking for something to fill these frames that was FREE, I ran across two of Clyde's creations with similar colors and backgrounds. Even though the frames and mats are very traditional. I love the look and Clyde is so proud to have his artwork on display.

While we were at it, I made this switch from the art featured in this post to a new one Camille created this summer at VFMA art camp. My iPhone picture is horrible. Sorry! It has great colors. 

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  1. Love this idea, Alyson! I have a few pretty generic prints in my house that could use an update as well.