October 24, 2013

One Room Challenge - Week 4

So here we are at Week 4 of the One Room Challenge. And I think I can get my room together in the next two weeks. Most of the bigger projects are out of the way. To follow my room from week one, click here. To check out the other link participants and their rooms, click here.

My biggest accomplishment this week was painting the dressers. I haven't moved them back into the room yet because I want to wait a full 48 hours before setting anything on top of them. Lesson learned on previous painted pieces!

I decided to do a two tone look similar to my inspiration photo.

I already have a painted dressing table in the room in Behr Quiet Moment. For the dressers, I decided to go with the same color but with 25% white. I am anxious to get them back in the room to see how everything is coming together.

My kids always want to help paint. This is how I kept Clyde entertained while I painted. It worked! 

They look really white in these pictures. They definitely have a blue tint.

To recap, here is my to-do list....
1. Sew new bed skirt. I already have fabric for this project...yay!   (This may need some more mending. My mother-in-law had a great idea on how to repair the corner pleat and so I am going to try to fix it when I get to another sewing project for the room. )
2. Create gallery wall around the television. (This is almost complete. I have to cut some mat board for one of the pictures I am using. I am too cheap to pay for a custom mat!)
3. New pillow for the white chair.
4. New fabric on the dressing table stool.
5. New pillow for the bed.
6. New accessorizing.

Here were my maybes...
1. Paint the dressers. 
2. Add trim to the existing curtains.
3. New bedspread. My sister and I crouched around her attic and found the bedspread! Woohoo! 

Said attic with very low ceiling height and not the best lighting. I am spoiled by mine

 4. Rug. Would love a new rug but that probably isn't happening. :)

And I have done some things not on the list, like paint the frames on the existing botanicals and new artwork for over the bed!

I am excited about my progress, can't wait to finish everything up!


  1. Oh my gosh, you were so busy this week! Love our painted dressers. Not sure if its the look you're going for but I painted ours and then added a dark coat of minwax on top and it looks awesome. Exactly like the piece I was trying to copy from Williams & Sherrill

  2. Love the dresser color!! Excited to see your final reveal!

  3. Mother Of The Year! I can't believe how cool you are with you little one holding a paint brush near your beautiful floors and carpet. I want to see the dresser's, this color is beautiful.

  4. You have so much energy! I am thinking about a last minute paint job on some furniture too.

  5. I can't wait to see it all wrap up! You have done a lot of work! It's going to be awesome! :)

  6. The dresser looks amazing!!!! I can't believe the transformation. Great job!

  7. Oh My! You are sooooooo brave giving a little one a paint brush on your beautiful floors! Looking forward to seeing your next step.

  8. I have a dresser that I want to paint. I've never done it before. Any good tutorials you can suggest? And as soon as I get officially settled I owe you lunch! I'm tickled pink at how perfect this neighborhood is for us :)

  9. Love the color of the dresser and the fact that you left some wood. I got nervous when I saw Clyde with that paintbrush:)

  10. Great paint job Alyson!!!! the new color actually makes the room brighter! Clyde is such a cutie, maybe when he's older he may become your personal handy man!!!!! Your on a roll dear, keep it up!

  11. I think the dressers are coming along beautifully! Can't wait to see them from the front. and your little box painter is adorable!

  12. You are soooo brave to let your little one paint like that! Everything is looking great!

    1. Ha! He did get a little on the floor but we got it right up! He wanted to help me paint the dressers and I couldn't have that. We just popped him right in the bathtub when he was done and the box is now in the recycling. :)

  13. First of all love your dresser - but how do you let him paint in your home without him making a total mess??? so brave -- cool mom!

  14. Wow! Coolest mom award! Dressers look great! Can't wait to see the whole space!