October 10, 2013

One Room Challenge, Week Two

So I have started making progress on my master bedroom. To see the entire space, click here. This week I completed my bed skirt, it took probably about 5 hours time and I think it is my best sewing project to date in terms of quality (i.e. straight lines and cuts). There is a small problem with the corners because my bed frame sticks out so far. I have tried adjusting the box spring but it did not help. I am waiting for my sewing consultant aka my mom to get back into town to get her advice. 

As a quick recap, here is the bed skirt before. I bought the previous bed skirt on eBay for super cheap and I have had it probably close to 8 years. It definitely needed upgrading.

And now....

I bought the fabric months ago for the new bed skirt on major discount at Ufab. I believe it was $20 for about 7 yards. Not that dramatic of a change so far but I am glad to have this step complete. 

Here are some step by step pictures of my process. 

First, I pinned the fabric around the bed just to get an idea on spacing and where to mark for a pleat. 

Then I measured from the top of the box spring to the floor. 

The only space large enough to roll out my fabric.

I measured and then followed the design in the fabric to make my cut straight. 

Measuring for the top turn over

Mark for the pleat

Measure for the hem

I pinned the top and hem all the way down. 

Then pressed with my iron.

My pleat from the back. 
Now sewing...I think getting everything cut and pinned and pressed is harder than the actual sewing! 

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I used these twist pins to attach to the box spring. They worked pretty well and are less than $5 at Joann's. 

I found these shams in my attic and am considering using them. Turns out I also have a down comforter up there but no duvet.  I went to my mom's today because she has a bunch of extra bedspreads in her attic. I brought home two to try but they didn't work. 

Last Friday, I hit a few of my favorite thrift stores looking for frames and/or art work for my gallery wall.

Diversity Thrift

Love of Jesus Thrift Store

Because I am a hoarder, I also found a few frames that will work in my attic!  I have decided to paint the dressers so that is on the agenda for this weekend. Come back next week to see how they turn out. 


  1. Oh snap! those twist tacks are brilliant! The skirt looks great.

  2. Great looking bedskirt! It really does make a difference to have a nice bedskirt.

  3. Makes me wish I could sew! looking great Alyson, can't wait to see what you do with those frames!

  4. Wow - impressive work on the bedskirt! Want to make me one??!

  5. I'm actually kind of shocked at just what a big difference that made. I wouldn't have guessed it but your bed now looks higher and bigger (in a really good way) and the space looks more polished. I'm going to keep this in mind when I do the bedskirt for our master bedroom. The seam down the front middle really distracted. I'm so impressed with your sewing skills. My mom is out of town for pretty much this whole challenge too. boo. Can I lure you over with some wine and cheese plates to help me with some sewing projects? :)

  6. The bedskirt is amazing and looks fantastic. It is always fun to shop your own stash isn't it???
    Cathy @ Room Rx

  7. I always appreciate good sewing skills and you certainly know what you are doing - the bedskirt looks perfect! You have a great headboard, too. The attic can sometimes be the best thrift "shop". Look forward to seeing more. New follower.

  8. Very nice job on the bedskirt - everything is looking great! Looking forward to seeing your next project.

  9. I agree; the bed skirt mades a HUGE difference! Who would have thought? It really looks amazing - great job!

  10. Your bed-skirt looks fantastic. Take a bow! I am a hoarder too. It comes in handy when you least expect it. I guess that's why we do it.

  11. wow! so impressed you sewed that and it looks incredible - what a talent!

  12. That's a huge difference - I love the new bedskirt! That hoarding comes in handy when doing a gallery wall for sure :)

  13. OMG!!! Your bedskirt looks great! Can't wait to see how great your room looks at the end of the challenge!!

  14. Love the fabric for your bedskirt! Super great job. Can't wait to see your gallery wall. Hope you can find a duvet cover on the cheap. Nothing better than a down comforter for snuggling in.

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