February 9, 2014

Weekend Recap & Menu Planner

My weekend chores include laundry, cleaning and grocery. One down....shopped at Kroger yesterday but two to go means bathroom scrubbing and sock matching today. Boo!

We did manage to have some fun yesterday and went to the Westchester Commons movie theater and saw The Lego Movie! It was packed and we sat in the very back row which turned out to be great. The theater is really nice with super comfy chairs. However, the popcorn line was ridiculous and I spent the first fifteen minutes of the movie in the line. Clyde LOVED the movie! There was a lot of "is the movie almost over" coming from Camille. Michael and I thought it was pretty good...it may have been even better if I had seen the beginning. ;) 


 I have been on the hunt for a new Chardonnay.  I think I picked up this Arrow Creek Chardonnay up at Martins at the Village and it is quite tasty! The Arrow Creek website says it is available at Kroger so I may have gotten it there. I do know it was on sale so I need to figure it out so I can stock up. :) 

Things were busy last week and we ate out a few times. I was feeling the need for some veggies so we made Olive Garden Minestrone and Bar Grilled Cheese for dinner last night! So yummy! 

My friend, Whitney, was kind enough to share some free Blue Apron meals with me. Have you heard of Blue Apron? They mail you all the ingredients for a dinner meal...all you need it olive oil, salt and pepper. You can pick the day they deliver...we are getting 3 meals and they are delivering on Tuesday. I am so excited to try this out! I will let you know what we think.

Sunday - Taco Soup (Note...I use only 1 lb of ground turkey or chicken)

Monday - Kate's Italian Sausage Pasta

Tuesday - Blue Apron Salmon Pastrami on Rye

Wednesday - Blue Apron Vietnamese Bun Cha

Thursday - Blue Apron Pan-Seared Chicken


  1. Hi! I found you over at Virginia Bloggers. My kids are too young to care about the Lego movie, but I secretly want to see it -- If I get there, I will be sure not to miss the beginning and arrive early for popcorn. I have some friends who have tried Blue Apron and like it. I am interested to hear your take.

    1. Thanks for coming over for Virginia Bloggers! I will let you know what we think of Blue Apron.

  2. I want to take my step-son to see the Lego movie...glad it was fun! I am definitely interested to hear your review on Blue Apron! That sounds like it would be something I would use fairly often! Curious to know what the portion size is...if it says it feeds four, are they generous servings or tiny servings?With twin teen boys, I will probably have to order two meals for one dinner!

    Have a great week!!!!

  3. Alyson, We would love for you to try PeachDish. We are southern infused, internationally inspired.

    Founder, PeachDish.com

    1. Hadi, would love to try Peach Dish as well! Just checked out your site and the meals looks delicious!

  4. I love Blue Apron! I've tried them a few times and all the meals have been so good! (The veggie boxes are pretty creative!)

    1. My Blue Apron box arrives today! So excited about it.