May 12, 2014

House Update & Menu Planner

9 Day and Counting....until we move out of our current home! Five years of accumulating stuff from a borderline hoarder is no joke. My AWESOME mom has been a huge help to me as I have quite a few things going on with work. Yesterday, we made lots of progress and I think we will be ready.

And on the new home front, we found a house! We are super excited. It is in the same school district in a nearby neighborhood and has almost all of the items on our wishlist including a basement. Now the catch, we move out of our current house next week and close on the new home in July. So we will be apartment living for a little while which will be interesting but totally worth it in the long run.

Image from MLS
I have been trying to use up items from my freezer and pantry. Here goes with this week's menu planner.

Monday - White Bean Tortellini Soup

Tuesday - Turkey Tenderloin, Stove Top (per Michael's request), Corn

Wednesday - ?????

Thursday -  Brown Butter Gnocchi

Friday - Ground Beef Enchiladas (I can't find a recipe link for this one but we have made these before and they are tasty)

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  1. Congratulations! How exciting. I can't wait to see more of the house. Good luck with the move and the transition. :) It will DEFINITELY be worth it!