May 28, 2014

Lately & Weekend Recap

Sorry for the radio silence! We moved last week! I know have a new appreciation for what my client's are experiencing with their moves. Good to put things in perspective. We could not have done it without the help of Michael's parents and my mom!

We don't close on our new house until early July so we have been living in a 628 sq foot apartment for about a week now. I hate complaining because it could be so much worse but I wouldn't say it is ideal. It will definitely make us appreciate our new house all the more!

We spent last weekend in Sandbridge which was much needed after our move. Here are some pictures from our trip. We participated in the Sandbridge Memorial Day Parade again this year.

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  1. Amazing account! Looking forward to you moving to your new home. I'm sure there's some nice bit of photographic memories in store with that. Hope the mortgage wasn't much of a burden as well, en route to you building a new phase in your lives in that way. Good luck!

    Kevin Fritz @ Iron Point Mortgage