January 26, 2017

Inspection Repairs

When Michael and I purchased our house about two and half years ago, we bought a home that was off the market and the seller was showing it to three families in a pre-market sale. We were one of the families and we were unsure if other offers were on the table so we put an inspection dollar amount cap in our offer to make it more appealing. Yay...we got the house!

Long story short, we had our inspection and the repairs were not major but definitely added up to over that cap so we requested a seller credit. Two and a half years later, we are getting to one of the biggest issues on the report. Water has been was draining under our front steps for quite sometime and it eroded much of the soil underneath. The solution recommended by our inspector, was to have the void filled with concrete. I reached out to A-1 Concrete and when they came to give me a quote, they took a video of underneath the steps. The opening was at least 24 inches high by the width of our porch. This was much larger than I expected.

We knew this was an issue that we needed to address when we started to notice what looks like mold and mildew on the inside of the cabinets in our mudroom which directly backs up to the front steps of our house. Today, we had the void filled with concrete and we plan to remediate the suspected mold and mildew.

We have a basement but water can also cause so many issues in crawl spaces. Two of my listings this year had crawl space issues that came up on the inspection. I must say the issues caused a bit of a headache and a fair amount of expense. If you are thinking of selling, I recommend having someone check out your crawl space prior to listing. We get a lot of rain in Richmond and even if you are not thinking of selling, it is probably a good idea to go under there yourself or having someone inspect the space for water damage. Could save you in the long run!

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