March 16, 2017

Ikea Knappa

A few weeks ago Camille and I made some updates to her room. You can read more about that here. Well since those updates, I keep thinking about the ceiling fan in there and how we never turn it on. I wanted to get her something with a modern touch that didn't cost a fortune. Ikea seemed like a good place to start.

We decided on the Ikea Knappa light fixture for $24.99. At one point, I was able to add it to my Ikea cart and with shipping it came to right under $40 (now it doesn't appear to be available online). I did a quick Google search and found it on Amazon for $39 with Prime shipping! So I ordered it from there.

When I looked closer at the description, I realized that it comes with a regular plug instead of something you could use to install in the ceiling. So we purchased this Westinghouse Recessed Light Converter Kit from Home Depot.

The Ikea Knappa fixture arrived in 2 days right before the weekend and my handyman Michael's days off work. It arrived in a pretty tiny box which was a little concerning.

To give credit where credit it due, Michael put the whole thing together while I slept in on Saturday morning so I can't really give you a ton of details on how hard it was to put together.  He said the pendant converter kit was perfect and the light fixture was "a little tedious" to put together but "not too bad".

So everything is going along just great for a Saturday and we are going to hang the fixture after lunch. Then it dawns on Michael that the wall switch in Camille's room doesn't connect to the ceiling fixture it connects to some outlets. This really inexpensive project was starting to sound pricey. Until Michael discovered this remote control light bulb on Amazon.  Phew...crisis averted!

So drum roll is her new fixture.

And as an added bonus to this light bulb, you can change the color and have it automatically rotate colors similar to a disco ball. What 9 year old girl doesn't love that?

It looks really cute in there and Camille is happy!