April 6, 2017

J.Crew Warehouse Sale

Have you heard there is a J.Crew Warehouse sale in town? I shouldn't admit this but my friend, Kasey, and I were talking at the bus stop the other morning about the sale and I believe my exact words were "I am so excited...it feels like Christmas!" (If Michael is reading right now, I am sure he is thinking of signing me up for Shopaholics Anonymous!)

I arrived at 9:45 am yesterday and there was already a line down the sidewalk. I got in with the first group of shoppers and was handed a HUGE trashbag and a price sheet. I went straight to a box and started looking for my size. Things are far from organized and there is no separation of size, style etc. so you just have to start looking.

Here are some of my finds....

I paid $15 for this dress and it is still in the store for much more!
J.Crew Gingham Ruffle Hem Midi Dress

My friend, Caroline, tipped me off that this Madewell Shirt is also still in the store. I paid $10.
Madewell Skylark Cold Shoulder Top

I am wearing this shirt today so I snapped a picture. It is also still in the store!
Boy Shirt in Crinkle Gingham
I didn't try on these jeans and I am pleasantly surprised to find that they are super comfortable and soft! So happy with them! They are still in store and I paid $15.
Madewell 9" High-Rise Skinny Jeans
I took a risk on this bathing suit but all swimwear is $5 a piece. Luckily it fits!

I also picked up a few mix and match suits for Camille as well as those cute flip flops! 

Rio Metallic Flip Flops

Tips for shopping the sale...
1. Wear workout clothes or something you can easily try things on over. There is a room to sort your items and try on things but men and women were in there so you may not want to strip down. :) 

2. Wear a crossbody bag or just slip your credit card in your pocket so your hands are really free to search for treasures. 
3. Put any item you think may work in your bag then sort and discard later. Your bag will be heavy, you will be dragging it around behind you. 

Have you been to the sale? What did you think?

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  1. OMG I wish I'd know this was going on! I LOVE Madewell but the prices are rough, haha. Nice work scoring a deal!