October 9, 2017

School Lunch Ideas

I love to pack my child's lunch everyday said no parent ever! I am not sure why it is so painful. Maybe because you are pulling it together at the end of the day when you are tired or in the morning when you are also tired. I received some samples of lunch snack items and thought I would post our lunch box go-to foods. Would love for you to comment on this post or on Facebook with what your child has for lunch! We can share ideas that way.

First a quick note on our samples!  My kids were thrilled when this box showed up on our front steps. It includes AquaBall, flavored water which I must say was not a hit with either child. Camille & Clyde both drink primarily water every day and I think they didn't need the flavor. I think this is a good idea for kids who won't drink water and love juice type drinks.

The Welch's Fruit Rolls were also not loved by either Camille or Clyde. However, the Go Organically fruit snacks got a thumbs up from both kids. I also tried some and they were quite tasty! We also really liked The Little Kernel Mini Popcorn. We tried the butter but haven't tried the truffle sea salt yet.

Now to lunch ideas...if you have been reading this blog for a while then you know that Clyde is our meat eater and Camille is our fruit & vegetable eater.

Camille's lunch usually consists of a bread type item, 2 fruits & vegetables and a dessert.

Bread Items
Lunchables Make Your Own Pepperoni Pizza (I heat this in the morning and then wrap in foil and it normally room temperature at lunch time.)
Blueberry Muffins or Carrot Chocolate Chip or Pumpkin
Cinnamon Raisin English Muffins (I heat this with butter in the morning and wrap in foil)
✹Kroger Pepperoni & Cheese Rolls w/side of pizza sauce. (These are in the bakery section of Kroger)
✹Trail Mix

Fruits & Veggies
✹Sliced Cucumbers
✹Sliced Peppers or Mini Sweet Pepper
✹Sliced Apples
✹ Clementines
✹Canned Pineapple
✹Peaches or Nectarines

Clyde's lunch consists of mainly a meat product, goldfish or pretzels or he loves these ranch oyster crackers and a dessert.

Meat Items
✹Boar's Head Turkey Pepperonis
✹Sliced Salami
✹Rolled Pastrami
✹Ham on Pretzel Bread
✹Not a Meat Item but sometimes he will eat Peanut Butter crackers.

I am not going to list out desserts because what child doesn't enjoy dessert so those ideas are pretty plentiful.

Does anyone use a Thermos to keep things hot? We have done mac n cheese in a Thermos before but I don't that it worked that well.

Also what are your favorite lunch containers and lunch boxes? Camille has this Scout lunch bag that works well. Clyde has an Addidas one from Marshalls. And they both use Swell bottles for water.

Now that we are back in the lunch packing routine...what ideas do you have?

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