March 30, 2010

Bedroom Wall Decor

Turns out Clydie has the croup and was up at midnight last night barking like a seal in his crib. We sat in the bathroom and let the shower run and that helped some. We have some medicine to try for tonight. The doctor said his ears look great so that was good news.

A few weeks ago, I purchased a Wild Flowers of North America hardcover book from and paid less than $5 for it. It has close to 400 flower prints. I was inspired by this post on Little Green Notebook. I found my frames and mats at Michaels. The frames were 2 for $7 and the mats were $2.99 each. So for about $70 my bedroom went from this

to this

Here is the destroying of the booking binding. I am excited about the book and have a feeling I will find quite a few other places for flower prints in my house. So many options with framing and mats.

Now if I could find some inexpensive curtains, I would feel like this room is fairly complete. Still considering some Ikea ones.

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