April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend Fun

We have had a busy one...I feel like this is my first opportunity to sit down.

Our yard needed some attention so we did lots of raking, weeding and flower planting. I love these flowers from Lowes. I wish I could remember the name...all my little information cards were thrown away in the clean up.

This was our first year dying Easter eggs. Camille loved it and thank goodness it was warm so we could do it outside. Her fingers were blue and green when it was over and I googled how to remove dye from fingers. After reading a few posts that involved dishwasher detergent, I found one that suggested toothpaste and it worked!

We took a road trip to Williamsburg for cousin Sammy's 2nd birthday! It was lots of fun to see everyone!

The bunny came!

Oh and we ate chocolate for breakfast! Yum!

We have one more Easter celebration later at my mom's. I have no idea what we are eating this week but we have had some fun! We won't go hungry...I will figure it out tomorrow!

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