September 22, 2010

Front Steps Plantings

I am in the market for some window boxes to help enhance the curb appeal of our home. In the meantime, I planted some bright pansies on the front steps over the weekend. One problem I have with my front steps is they lack direct sunlight. I am hoping the pansies make it.



In my dreams where I grow money trees in my backyard, I would purchase a six panel glass door like this one

or possibly paint the front door yellow like this

and paint the brick of our house and replace the aluminum siding

In the meantime, window boxes will have to do...another project for the list.


  1. Ooooooh, paint your front door a fun color! We did that this spring and it made a huge difference! I love the yellow. The pansies look great!

  2. Pansies do look great! Another idea for shade might be verigated hostas in the spring. For winter, it's a tough call, but could also do mini-rosmary bushes that are evergreen and the kids could put ornaments, or other seasonal decorations on them.

    As for the door, we did find a single panel, unfinished door at Siewers ( for about $400. The 6-panel is about $1200 and crazy, but beautiful. It's worth going to check out their showroom behind Bill's BBQ near the diamond.

  3. My top planter of pansies is already looking sad. I may try an ivy topiary but also like the rosemary idea. Thanks for the suggestions!

    I wish Michael would consider a color for the front door. He is sorta against it but may come around.

  4. that type of glass door is really common in the ortega neighborhood of jacksonville florida so much so i think the people there call them "ortega doors" they are very attractive