September 20, 2010

Halloween is coming!

I have gotten into the fall spirit and Camille and I created a bat tree similar to the one above. It was pretty easy. I found this project in the Halloween Special Edition of Woman's Day. I did just have to relocate the tree to the dining room because it is of great interest to Clyde and to our cat.

There was a bat template in the magazine that I looked at and then free-hand drew the bats. I used black posterboard from the Dollar Tree. After cutting the bat out, the edges were a little white so I went over them with a black magic marker.

I found the branch from a dead bush in our backyard. I cut off some of the ends to make it the shape I wanted. I had the planter in one of my cabinets. I bought styrofoam from a craft store to put inside the planter.

I printed the trick or treat from my computer. I burned the edges and then glued it on cardstock or leftover poster board.

I cut small triangles from printer paper and hole punched eyes out of orange paper.

Oh and we added spider webs to our tree!

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