October 17, 2013

One Room Challenge - Week 3

Here we are half way through the One Room Challenge and I am feeling somewhat accomplished. For a refresher on the project, click here. Last week, we had rainy day after rainy day so my plan to paint the dressers did not pan out. I am hoping to get that complete by next week. I did make a bunch of progress in the artwork department. First up....

Last spring, my mom and I had a huge yard sale to get rid of some of the items we hoard. (Side note...do you know I sold some stuff at the yard sale that I still think about and wish I had! Crazy, yes!). Well this painting did not sell and for some reason I couldn't let it go to Goodwill. So up to the attic it went. 

The artwork is no good but the frame has potential. After a quick search on Pinterest, I discovered that Rust-oleum Metallic is the most popular gold finish spray paint so I went with that for the frame. And it is truly awesome! It covered really well and I love the look. Now in terms of finding artwork for the frame, I considered wallpaper but was having a hard time finding remnant pieces. So I then thought maybe a heavy gift wrap with a neat print. I search Google and found Papersource.com. They have great gift wrap prints and a lot of single pages. But after putting everything in my cart, I discovered shipping was outrageous so I found the same gift wrap on eBay. I paid a little less than $8 for this print. 

I decided to use spray adhesive and attach it on top of the existing mat. Custom mats are so expensive, I didn't want to spend the money on it. I am really happy with how it turned out. 

I got so excited about the Rust-Oleum Metallic spray paint, that I ripped my floral prints off the wall and painted those also! Even happier with that change.

So while I had the paint out, I went for the pulls on the dressers. 

I also have almost completed my gallery wall. Here is a sneak peak...

The top picture is an old yard sale find and the bottom was a $4 score from The Love of Jesus Thrift

Oh and I found this cool round ball from Goodwill Second Debut for $6.25. So excited about it and we had it in the house less than an hour and Clyde broke it! Womp, womp. 

I am excited about how everything is coming together. Still on the hunt for bedding, I may have found a bed spread but it involves ransacking my sister's attic. Stay tuned.

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  1. Holy crap. I am such a believer in rustoleam gold spray paint. I am completely in love with the print you found. Would you consider me a stalker if I go order the same one right now for my bedroom? No really ;)

    1. I agree; that print is fabulous and the frame transformed. What's not to love?

  2. Gold/brass frames are my favorite. I am loving your florals in the new color frame. That is so sad about the ball breaking. Maybe you will find something to make you forget all about it. :)

  3. I love that wrapping paper turned print idea. Genius and looks awesome! I can't wait to see the whole room!!

  4. Nice wrapping paper!

  5. Alyson, I LOVE it all!!! I've used gold spray paint on more than I care to admit!! But when doing a gallery wall, I'd rather have matching colored frames than matching frames (in different sizes)...like you did with the floral prints that look so great in the gold...and I love the one over the bed. Full of color yet not overwhelming!
    When I'm ready to do the squared up gallery wall will you come over? That would literally be the death of me!

  6. You are a gold spray paint queen, love how it gives a fresh look to everything. Fun wrapping paper art too....

  7. I'm laughing! - you will forever be dubbed the Gold Rustoleum Spray Paint Queen! But, everything turned out great! But, the BEST item shown on this post is the $8 gift wrap print! It is beautiful and turned out beautifully! I would be proud too!

  8. Rustoleum is the best spray paint. Ever. Be careful though, you'll become addicted! :)

  9. Wow! Everything you have done looks GREAT! Isn't spray paint the best? It always amazes me how one little can makes such a difference. Looking forward to next week.

  10. I believe you have found the gold spray paint addiction ... it keeps giving!! Love the prints with the gold frames and how about those drawer pulls? Fabulous!! xo

  11. Looks FABULOUS! I am going to have to try that Rustoleum gold paint on some of my frames. I absolutely love your set of botanicals...I have been looking for a set for my hallway on ebay! Great progress!

  12. That ebay print is fantastic! What a score and so glad you used the frame you had. I am one of the many addicts with that paint, too. Your room looks amazing so far.

  13. I wrote a whole post on papersource and their beautiful and affordable gift wraps and yours truly is a perfect example of their great products! I too am having the 'gold bug' too and been spraying gold in everything!