February 12, 2017

Hello Fresh & Menu Planner

We tried Hello Fresh last week and I loved it! We have previously tried Blue Apron and Peach Dish, you can read about those experiences here and here. Out of all the delivery meals I have tried, Hello Fresh is my favorite. The recipes were simple and tasty. The ingredients were fresh and I like how each meal has it's own box with all the ingredients, so it is easy to take out of the shipping box and store in your fridge. Also, there are always six meals to choose from each week so you can pick what you would like the most!

We are trying the meals again this week. Click here to receive $40 off your first order, you will receive 3 meals for about $20! Also, you can cancel anytime.

We are still having family meals on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and then filling in with these meals on the other days.

Monday...BBQ, Fried Okra, Cheesy Smoky Pinto Beans, Corn Muffins

Tuesday...Hello Fresh New York Strip Steak

Wednesday...Breakfast Wraps (recipe from Dinner Solved, The Mom 100 Cookbook), Bacon, Baked Apples

Thursday...Hello Fresh Turkish-Spiced Salmon

Friday....Hello Fresh One Pot Italian Wedding Soup

1 comment:

  1. So glad you liked it! I prefer it to Blue Apron but I haven't tried Peach Dish before. I love picking the meals out and the organization!