January 15, 2015

New House: Low Cost Wall Decor Ideas

I am slowing making progress with our new house. Last week, my mom and I switched the formal living room (which I was using as a home office) and our dining room. The living room home office space was much larger than the dining room. I have a bunch of dining room furniture but my home office was almost bare. I LOVE the change. We still need a rug and curtains and to relocate the chandelier in the new dining room but everything fits so much better in there and my office is super cozy now. I often tell clients you don't always have to use the space in a new home the way the previous owner did....I needed to take my own advice. It is important to make it work best for you and your family.

On to Wall Decor...I have had to get creative. There is a lot of space to fill and I am on a budget. I hope one of my next house purchases will be a large piece of artwork for over the fireplace in the family room. But for now it is bare.

I have however filled some of the other walls in this space, I used four old frames that were originally purchased when my sisters and I lived together in the Museum District. We had this cute row house and my mom helped us decorate it!

The prints were dated and the frames were okay. Two of the frames had these hunter green mats which were terrible. I managed to find two white mats in my attic and a couple fabric scraps from my collection. I secured two more fabric pieces from my sister, Anne Hunter.

You can frame almost anything you want. I have framed more fabric, placemats, wrapping paper and kid's art!

I found a very traditional wooden framed mirror at the Goodwill last fall for $10. I quickly put it in my cart knowing it needed some spray paint for an instant make over. I thought for weeks about the color and ultimately went with a shade of green. I love how it turned out!


  1. Ahhh I love how that mirror turned out! Such a good find :)

  2. I agree! That's a great color. Instant update!

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