November 14, 2013

One Room Challenge: Wrap Up

I am really enjoying my new bedroom space. Now I want to make the bed and pick Michael's clothes and towel up off the floor every morning. Wait, it's not that good. ;)  As promised, I am back with what I spent on the project and where I found the goods.

As a reminder, here is the space before. 

And after

I really didn't want to spend much on this challenge. Here is a rundown of where I found everything. 

Bedspread: Hand me down from my mom. Lost but then found in my sister's attic.
Sheets: Old from Target
Pillow Shams:  Old from Marshalls found in my attic
Lamps: Old from TJ Maxx
Throw Pillow: Burlington Coat Factory. $20
Left Bedside Chest: Hand me down from Michael's grandmother
Trash Can: Borrowed from my mom's attic
Sconce: Old but found for $1 from Diversity Thrift
Headboard: Old but fabric is from U-Fab
Bedskirt: Fabric from U-Fab.
Picture Frame over Bed: Hand Me me down from my mom
Feather Print: Pomp & Posey via Ebay $8

Right Bedside Chest: Estate Sale Find
Painting: Hand me down from my grandmother
Tray: Old Yard Sale Find
Dish: 50 cents from Diversity Thrift
Pitcher: Old Yard Sale Find
Picture Frame: Gift from an old co-worker
Curtains: Old from Ikea

Dressing Table: Yard Sale Find
Basket: Old from TJMaxx
Stool: Old from Diversity Thrift
Fabric from Stool: U-Fab $26
Candle: TJMaxx $13
Fish Vases: Old from Goodwill
Succulent: Home Depot $3
Vase for Succulent: Yard Sale Find given to me by my grandmother
Mirror: Free hand me down from a family friend
Monogram Tray: Gift from my friend, Micah

Dressers: Hand Me Down from Michael's Parents
Paint for Dressers: Behr Quiet Moment from Home Depot $33
Gallery Wall from the bottom left: 
     $4 print from Love of Jesus Thrift
     Old print from yard sale
     Old painted tray from yard sale
     Picture frame with added botanical from Love of Jesus Thrift $2
     Fruit Print is hand me down from my mom
     Painting is a birthday gift from my friend, Micah
Picture frames: Hand me down from my grandmother
Basket: Home Goods
Glass Ball: Goodwill $7

Chair: Old from Ikea
Pillow: Burlington Coat Factory $20
Lamp: Old from my attic
Birds: Old from Love of Jesus Thrift
Cachepot: Hand me down from Grandmother
Table: Hand me down from my mom

Frames & Mats: Michael's
Botanicals Prints: Wild Flowers of America from Amazon
Spray Paint for Frames: Rust-Oleum Metallic $3.76 x 2

Mirror: Wedding gift from Hampton House
Lamps: Old from Anthropologie. Gift from my mom.
Ring Holder: Engagement gift from Michael's mom
Jewerly Box: Hand me down from my mom
Tray: Yard Sale Find

As you can see, I am quite the collector! Helps to be a hoarder in times like these.

Total spent on this project: $144


  1. Looks FABULOUS! I love shopping my mom's attic as well as my own...I forget about what I have and then it's like it's new when I dig it out again.

    I mentioned you on my blog today. I was linking with another blog to connect other bloggers in RVA, and yours is one of my faves!
    xo/ Christine

  2. Alyson it looks amazing! I can't believe I missed this when you first posted, but it turned out SO well. The pops of color around the room really cheer it up. That feather print is gorgeous, and I LOVE the bedspread (can't believe it was a hand-me-down from the attic - wow!). GREAT JOB!